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Sweet Sassy Molassy!!!

Let's Stay Enemies...

8 February 1985
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Every story has a dreamer, why shouldn't this one?

She spends her time writing, drinking coffee and working jobs she could do in her sleep.

She's the girl everyone wants to know and she has no idea....

Star Wars is Love

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"the real world", 80's music, aar, afi, allister, american eagal, anyone but bush, apple computers, armenian culture, arthur nersessian, attempting to play guitar, backstreets cafe, badly drawn boy, banana chicken, barns & noble, being disgruntled(arg), being informed, being productive, belle & sebastian, bikram's yoga, black and white photography, blading, brand new, candy corn, cgnu, cheese, chocolate, coffee, coheed & cambria, crazy-go-nuts, dane cook, dead like me, death cab for cutie, degrassi, dorks, dunkin' donuts, emo, emo boys, fairly odd parents, fall out boy, family guy, fau, finding nemo, flip flops, fondue, garden state, gavin degraw, gloria jeans, go, green day, guitar, guys, hamsters, hanging with friends, happy punk, hey mercedes, hippos, home movies, homegrown, homestar runner, ice cream, ice hockey, individual opinions, ipods, itunes, jake gyllenhaal, jamba juice, jeeps, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, juliana theory, les miserables, live-on-release, lj, love actually, lucky boys confusion, mae, making trouble, maroon5, meeting new people, mitch headberg, modest mouse, molly jong-fast, movies, music, my chemical romance, my ipod, my powerbook, nbps, nerds, nerf herder, news, nfg, north broward prep, one tree hill, pears, peter pan, photography, pirates, podcasts, poetry, pondering, postal service, procrastonating, psychology, puppies, reading, rent, richard cheese, rilo kiley, rooney, screeching weasle, shaggy-haired boys, something corporate, soy chai lattes, star wars, star wars expanded universe, startbucks, stevie nicks, stir crazy, sugarclut, swings, taco bell, tea, the beach, the beach at night, the bravery, the cure, the faint, the get up kids, the killers, the music, the shins, the starting line, the von blondies, thinking for yourself, walking on the beach, will & grace, writing, yellowcard, zoolander